About Kagan & Associates

Kagan & Associates specializes in creating innovative illustrated books and offers a full range of editorial services, including consulting, research and product development, writing, editing, design, and art direction. Subject areas include American and world history, military history--with a focus on the Civil War and World War II--nature, science, and nonfiction books for children.

Founded in 2001 by Neil Kagan, former Publisher/Managing Editor and Director of New Product Development for Time-Life Books and founding Managing Editor of Time-Life for Children, Kagan & Associates is known for its ability to conceptualize new ideas and conduct extensive research leading to the creation of unique, one-of-a-kind projects. Each project is defined by the powerful visual impact of the picture editing and design, by special features such as sidebars, timelines, maps, biographies, and photo essays, and by dramatic storytelling based on compelling first-person accounts.

Kagan & Associate's illustrated books are designed to be utilized for reference and enjoyed as collectible art books. They are carefully focused on the audience and always come in on time and on budget. Our goal is to create inventive works filled with surprises that enlighten, educate, and entertain.